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Updated on June 12, 2014

ShoeDazzle Handbags – How Good Are They?

ShoeDazzle handbags are now here! There have been rumors that ShoeDazzle was going to expand into other areas besides shoes and now they have. The bags are part of the company’s “DazzleAvenue” section where they are also offering great-looking ShoeDazzle jewelry.

In case you don’t know what ShoeDazzle is or how it works, here’s the skinny. ShoeDazzle is a shoe club in which you get a personalized selection of fabulous designer shoes picked out especially for you by the company’s stylists. Your selection – displayed in your very own personal showroom – is updated every month. If you want a pair that you like you simply pay $39.95. If you don’t like anything that month you simply skip it and pay nothing.

Now, in addition to fantastic looking designer shoes, ShoeDazzle now offers handbags and jewelry. From a look at their initial selection I have to say that the ShoeDazzle handbags are just as stylish as their shoes. Here’s a few examples from my showroom:

Pretty sweet, huh?

Some of the styles seem to be selling out pretty quickly, so it looks like the addition of handbags is proving (not surprisingly) to be popular. I mean, if you love shoes why wouldn’t you love a great handbag as well, right?

I ordered the Laguna model and I love it! It’s well made, the stitching looks great and it’s super stylish. While the leather is faux, it doesn’t look cheap at all. The details on the handbag really make it feel special. Like ShoeDazzle’s shoes, their handbags definitely do not look like they cost $39.95. This a a fun, run-about-town bag that adds some much needed flair to my wardrobe. Even if you just pair the Laguna with jeans and a t-shirt (and ShoeDazzle shoes, naturally), it really spices things up. I’ll definitely order more handbags in future months.

Like your shoe selection, the handbags displayed in your showroom are specifically recommended to you based on your style (you fill out a brief fashion survey when you first sign up for the site so they know your fashion preferences). Not to mention, they go great as accessories to your shoes – what girl doesn’t love that?

Here’s the best part – ShoeDazzle handbags cost just $39.95, just like the shoes. A purchase of a handbag or jewelry counts as your monthly selection, so you are not obligated to buy new shoes and a handbag every month (although I think I will be buying both for at least awhile!). As always, you can skip a month and pay nothing, and returns or exchanges are free.

With the launch of DazzleAvenue, ShoeDazzle has taken an exciting new step in outfitting stylish gals from head to toe. If you love shoes, handbags (and jewelry!) and want to get great styles at amazing prices I highly recommend ShoeDazzle!

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