ShoeDazzle Reviews: Read Before You Buy

Updated on June 12, 2014

Kim Kardashian ShoeDazzle

Have you heard about Kim Kardashian ShoeDazzle? All the fashionistas are buzzing about it. Celebrity stylist Kim Kardashian is the face of ShoeDazzle, an exciting new concept in buying shoes.

ShoeDazzle describes itself as a shoe club. Signing up for the service is free. You simply fill out a brief fashion survey so the company’s stylists get a better sense of your style. Then each month your stylist chooses five pairs of fabulous designer shoes she thinks you will like. If you want a pair the cost is only $39.95. If you don’t see anything you like you can request to be shown five new pairs of shoes, or you can just skip the month altogether and pay nothing. Shipping and exchanges are free.

What makes Kim Kardashian’s ShoeDazzle so unique is its ability to match your style with the latest shoes – and then to sell you those shoes for an amazingly low price. The site features the latest current styles from top designers including Kim Kardashian’s designs as well. She has been quoted as saying ShoeDazzle captures the “essence of shopping on Rodeo Drive, while remaining fun, affordable and effortless.” It’s like walking into a high-end boutique store and actually getting personalized recommendations – at a great price!

Kardashian is ShoeDazzle’s Chief Fashion Stylist and Co-Founder and makes all the final decisions on which shoes are presented each month. ShoeDazzle’s other top stylists include Michael Bassolino, Merika Rock, Toni Ferrara, Jamie Crowley, Camille Jumelle, and Elizabeth French.

You can read my full ShoeDazzle review, but to summarize my experience so far with the shoe club: I love it! I have ordered five pairs and adore each one. I feel so stylish walking down the street in these shoes. The shoes are truly fabulous and surprisingly good quality. The stitching, construction, and design are all very well done. These really don’t look like $40 shoes, believe me.

I look forward to getting my monthly email from ShoeDazzle announcing the new selections featured in my personal showroom. It’s easy to change up the type of shoes they show you. If you’re in the mood for pumps one month you just tell them that and your personal showroom will be stocked with great looking designer pumps. I have found that the more shoes I order from ShoeDazzle (and yes, I do order a lot, perhaps more than I should) the better they are at matching my style exactly.

Kim Kardashian ShoeDazzle is not just about crazy high heels. I’ve ordered wonderful sandals, boots, and flats from the service and they are both practical and great looking. One of the things I love most about the shoe club is that I know that all of the shoes their stylists will show me are in style right now. No more walking around town with old, out-of-style shoes.

Word of mouth has been growing about ShoeDazzle and the company recently raised $13 million to help expand into other areas. No official word yet on what product they will focus on next, but I have heard rumors that it will be bags. If their bags are half as stylish as their shoes you can bet I’ll be signing up for that service as well.

If you’re looking for a shoe makeover and want to keep things affordable I highly recommend ShoeDazzle. It’s free to join too!

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