ShoeDazzle Reviews: Read Before You Buy

Updated on June 12, 2014

My obsession with shoes, and to be honest, all things fashion, originally brought me to ShoeDazzle which inspired me to create this website over a year ago. More recently my passion for fashion and great deals have inspired me to venture out and try other shoe clubs.

I did some research and found JustFab to be the obvious next choice in shoe clubs to try. Let me tell you I was not let down. After more than a few months of trying them out, I can say: I am a huge fan!

Now that I have two clubs to compare, let the reviews, critiques and down right battles begin! I've updated my original ShoeDazzle review on the left and added my comparison review of JustFab right next to it. If you don't have the time to read the full reviews, then click here to read my final verdict!

ShoeDazzle Review

If you’re thinking about signing up for ShoeDazzle but aren’t sure, you have come to the right place. I signed up to this shoe club back when they first opened their doors and have been a member ever since. So I am going to be sure to give you the good and the bad about the service in my in-depth ShoeDazzle review.

If you haven’t heard about ShoeDazzle, here’s the skinny: each month you get a selection of fabulous designer shoes picked out especially for you. And the cost? $39.95! Yup, personalized celebrity stylist recommendations for you with the option to buy any pair starting at $39.95 a month. Now, when I originally wrote this review, the cost of every item on ShoeDazzle was $39.95, but now unfortunately some items are priced a little higher. But both shipping and exchanges are still free!

Kim Kardashian founded the ShoeDazzle shoe club and the idea behind it is that it's like having her as your personal shoe stylist. They have a team of top stylists who's goal is to pick out the hottest fashions just for you. On top of that you’ll get a great deal on the shoes. It’s what lead me to this service to begin with and why I originally told all my friends about it. Some of my more dramatic friends are even called this service shoe heaven in their own ShoeDazzle reviews after they first tried it out! I like to think of these types of shoe clubs as shoe crack.

The first step is taking a brief and fun fashion survey so the ShoeDazzle stylists get to know your fashion personality. They give you pictures of celebrities and you choose which ones you think have the best style. Then, based on your answers, their stylists select 5 shoe options for you each month. You pick your perfect pair and it’s delivered to your door. Or, you tell them to try again and send you 5 more styles, then you pick your favorite.

When you go to the ShoeDazzle site, you might be turned off by some of the out-there styles, depending on your taste. But fear not, ShoeDazzle actually has a good variety of shoes – not just the high heels they feature on their sign up page. For my first month’s order I told the stylists that I wanted flats and here’s a few of the shoes they showed me:

You can also choose none of the shoes and simply forget about that month, or request new selections. Unlike other buying clubs, ShoeDazzle doesn't require it's members to log in and skip the month if you don't want to buy anything. So if you don’t like what you see or just don’t feel like buying a pair of shoes that month (I don’t know any woman like that!) it’s no problem. I’ll admit that my first showroom was not exactly doing it for me so I asked them to try again. I gave them some more information based on follow up questions and the second showroom was a little bit better. After the first few months since I originally joined I noticed a lot of nice styles that I liked and I bought at least a couple pairs a month. However, as of the last 6 or 7 months I haven't found too much to get excited about. I'm still a member though and check my showroom each month just to see if something catches my eye.

The company’s stylists are a ‘who’s who’ of the fashion world. In addition to Kim Kardashian, who is the company’s Chief Fashion Stylist, there are folks like Michael Bassolino from HSN’s Designers Challenge, Merika Rock, who writes a weekly style column for the CBS Network, and Camille Jumelle who dresses celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Amy Adams. The bottom line is that all of the shoes they select for you are fashion forward and in style right now.

ShoeDazzle Shoe Quality

Enough about the company, now for the shoes. So…what are the shoes really like? I have to say that I haven't had too many issues with any of the shoes that I've ordered from ShoeDazzle and to be honest, most pairs really don’t look like $40 shoes. No fooling. They truely do look like they are more expensive and I get compliments whenever I wear my ShoeDazzle shoes out on the town. Seriously – I’m not just spouting off either – people really do notice my shoes!

As for quality, I have found the shoes to be surprisingly well made and I’ve read the same thing on other ShoeDazzle reviews. While you won’t necessarily get genuine leather or suede at this low a price (which is great for you vegan shoe lovers), the shoes do not look cheap at all. The stitching and molding is carefully done and the design is super stylish. Even more impressive, the shoes are remarkably comfortable despite the fact that some of them have 5 inch heels. How they make a 5 inch pump actually comfortable, I don’t know, but they do it!

The shipping is prompt, accurate, and did I mention free? I literally giggle when I see the FedEx man with my ShoeDazzle box. He must think I’m nuts. Returns and exchanges are free as well, however my latest exchange did take a couple of months from start to finish which was a bit of a bummer.

Pros and Cons

While I love ShoeDazzle and have been a very happy customer for awhile now, there are some things to keep in mind. Some ShoeDazzle reviews you read will only talk about the good stuff, but I want you to have a balanced perspective before plunking down your hard-earned cash.

The Cons:

  • If you’re looking for regular, everyday shoes this is probably not your best bet. ShoeDazzle specializes in fun, fabulous, “go out” shoes, though they do have a small selection of sandals and flats that are more everyday-type shoes.
  • Not all shoes are actually $39.95 anymore and some cost a little bit more. Boots in particular all seem to have a higher price tag, which is a drag if you live in colder climates and want to get some great deals on boots.
  • Compared to other shoe clubs, their website seems to be lacking and they don't offer much in the way of extras to reward members for shopping there.

Now the Pros:

  • Their shoes are great looking, fashion-forward shoes with surprisingly good quality and they are actually comfortable.
  • Great designs. ShoeDazzle has lined up some of the best known stylists in the industry to select your shoes so you know you’ll always be in fashion. As I mentioned above, their styles seem to be lacking as of late, but that's just this one gal's opinion.
  • Personalized selections. The stylists do a great job of matching their shoes to your own personal style. If you have a preference for flats they won’t show you high heels except to maybe stretch you out of your comfort zone a bit. They are stylists and it’s in their nature. If you like more classic looks they won’t show you crazy, out there designs but they might throw in faux snake skin platforms with big buckles just to give you something to chew on.
  • Shipping is free and exchanges are free. All of my dealings with ShoeDazzle customer service have been fairly good, although I wish they had longer phone hours.
  • No obligation. If you don’t like the selection of shoes for any given month you can simply forget about that month. Unlike other shoe clubs, ShoeDazzle doesn't require you to log-in to skip the month anymore which I really love.

Overall my experience with ShoeDazzle has been overwhelmingly positive and even though I've found them to fall of a bit over the last few months compared to the competition, I still would recommend trying them out if you don't mind signing up for multiple shoe clubs.

They still do have the odd shoe come up here and there that I absolutely have to buy, so I think I will be keeping my membership there and checking in for the forseeable future.

Click Here to Sign Up for ShoeDazzle Now!

So, you may be asking yourself, "Well which shoe club do you like best?" Originally I was all about ShoeDazzle, but because, when it comes down to it, I am really all about shoes, no matter where I get them. I do have to say, since I found JustFab, my shopping budget has gone mostly to them. I've found more styles that I like and the overall quality of the shoes seems a touch better in my opinion.

JustFab seems to offer much much more in terms of extras and perks to their members, and their website is much more user friendly and contains a lot more information and details about their products.

The special offers and promotions from JustFab are a step above ShoeDazzle too. I love their $25 flats, clutch or jewelry promotion and they are constantly adding new promos and new exciting collections each month.

So if I had to choose one or the other, I would have to give JustFab my choice as the best online shoe club. Although I do maintain my ShoeDazzle account, lately I haven't been so gung-ho about them and have found myself buying les and less. Every once in a while I see something I like and I jump on it.

You can never have enough shoes and right now JustFab is pushing all the right buttons. I anxiously wait for my boutique to come every month so I'd have to give them the nod as the best shoe club overall. If you're looking for more opinions on either club, I'd recommend you also check out which have an even more detailed look at both companies.

You've read the reviews, now it's time to get some great deals on shoes! Go ahead and sign up for JustFab today to get started!

64 Responses to “ShoeDazzle Reviews”

  1. Hema says:

    I have a BIG issue with Shoe Dazzle. WHY DOESN’T IT SHIP TO SINGAPORE? :(

  2. shoegal44 says:

    Having been a member at both Just Fab and Shoe Dazzle I would agree with your reviews 100%! I’ve shopped at both companies for well over a year now and must say that I like Just Fab quite a bit more. I too have lost interest in Shoe Dazzle and am not dazzled by their shoes as much as I used to be. The rest of their products (handbags/jewelry) are a bit “meh” in my opinion too.

  3. Ysenia Villarreal says:

    I was extremely disappointed with the quality of a dress I ordered.
    The material was cheap looking and was not worth keeping. I also questioned why I would have to be charged a restocking fee because I was not satisfied with my purchase. The Shoedazzle rep said it’s their policy if you change your mind. It was my first and last purchase. I give them zero stars.

  4. Charlotte says:

    Great shoe showdown!
    If you ever feel like donating any old shoes or bags to a non-profit, we’d be very appreciative. We are always looking for costume pieces. Not really heels though. But flats are always welcome.
    Give us a look if you would consider helping us out.

  5. Sue Stevens says:

    I ordered two pairs of ShoeDazzle flats, and paid particular attention to their “final sale” notice. Neither shoe was on sale when I purchased, and no “final sale” was indicated on the email receipt of my order. Needless to say, when the shoes arrived, the invoice included with the shoes indicated one pair was a “final sale.” The shoes were okay for $40 shoes, but neither pair fit. I spent over an hour before finally reaching a “customer service” person on the phone (and an email request I sent was never acknowledged). Their “policy” was to only allow me a store credit, which was not acceptable, since the shoes were too small and I had ordered the smallest size (5-1/2) they carry. ShoeDazzle advertizes “free shipping” including return shipping but still charges a restocking fee. Be VERY careful if you decide to order anything from them.

    I cannot say enough bad things about this company, their lack of “customer service” and their telephone wait time. I’m telling all my friends and any others I can about this sad excuse for a company.

    I’m going back to Zappos!!!

  6. Erranda says:

    I have one word that’s describes shoe dazzle …. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!! Well I guess
    That was 3. They started off well in their early beginnings now Payless Shoes has a
    Better quality shoe than the crap they send you!! Even if
    The shoe is cute , but when you can see where the manufacturer glued the
    Shoe together!! That’s just one of many!! Don’t waste ur time just catch a good sale at ur nearest
    Boutique or Macy’s !!

  7. Wilomena says:

    I’ve been doing my homework when it comes to online shoe clubs. I have investigated all the scams and complaints. It seems every one of the shoe clubs have good reviews and bad reviews. It’s hard to tell which ones to believe. Are they reviews by competitors or real customers?
    I saw somewhere (can’t find it now) a shoe reviewer said to look for over the top complaints, like: This shoe club is horrible and they sell used merchandise that fall apart the first time you wear them. She said that was more than likely a competitor. ANd she said to watch for over the top praise too, like: These shoes! are great I usually pay hundreds of dollars for quality like this! She said that was more than likely the shoe club themselves posting the review.
    I really wish I could remember the site now. She seemed very honest to me.
    At first I thought it was this site, but her site wasn’t as well laid out as this one. It was pink though LOL.

  8. Tanya Shoemaker says:

    Shoe Dazzle has broken down. They don’t have good shoes anymore. There other stuff like bags and jewelry is cheap and falls apart quick. I don’t know about JustFab. I never brought anything from them.

  9. Alexis T says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me! ShoeDazzle has sucked for well over a year and a half!
    I got one good pair of shoes and crap after that.
    I personally haven’t tried JustFab. A friend has some of their shoes and she likes them, but they would have to total crap to not be better than Shoe Dazzle.

  10. Amanda says:

    I ordered 3 pairs of everyday shoes from Shoedazzle, 2 of the pairs didn’t fit and the third pair gives me blisters. For 39.95 each, plus the $10 monthly fee, the shoes aren’t worth it. Because I’m unhappy with the quality I’m cancelling my account (which you can only do by calling customer service) and have now been on hold for an hour!
    If you’re going to spend $50 or more on a pair of shoes go to DSW, Aldo’s, Shii or JustFab.

  11. Cynthia Cabbot says:

    Big fan of both shoe clubs. Affordable shoes with a variety of styles. What else could a girl ask for. I don’t think I could pick which is better.

  12. Gabby Sinclair says:

    It’s Just Fab for me! They are spot on every time. Shoe Dazzle isn’t too bad. I’ve only had a few problems with them and nothing worth complaining about. But Just Fab is tops in my book. :)

  13. Bernadette Lapinski says:

    Why don’t you review Shoe Mint? You should. There not as great! they make the shoes look so good and better then the other clubs but they aint better! they just cost more money is all!

    Shoemint sucks in my opinon.

  14. Gloria says:

    Shoe Dazzle has had their ups and downs, but they are rocking the shoes now. Great styles and great prices. I’m a satisfied customer again.

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JustFab Review

So, here I am, ready to get down to the brass tacks of it. I said I love JustFab, now let me explain them to you.

Although I only recently decided to add JustFab to my review site, it's been about 7 months now since I tried them. It's a shoe club along the same lines as ShoeDazzle (all the shoe clubs have about the same basic terms of service), but with different styles, selections and a few additional perks and features that I like. The famous fashion icon & celebrity, Kimora Lee Simmons is their president and creative director. Kimora's sense of fashion, in my humble opinion, borders on being a super power. She knows her stuff!

What I really like about JustFab is it likes to stay fresh and trendy. To do that these days, you have to be on the ball, changing up shoe, bag and jewelery designs constantly. To do this, JustFab works with a key group of fashion consultants who are committed to staying on the cutting edge of fashion, and make it their life. JustFab are really building a name for themselves as a fashion brand and some some of the biggest names in the developing space of online fashion personalities such as Elle & Blair Fowler and the MyGlam girls have realized this and have begun working with them.

JustFab also likes to team up with independent, fashion forward designers, like Iron Fist and Avril Lavigne's design company Abbey Dawn.

I've come to notice that they really care about what their customers think, and they listen. Just Fab's Facebook following is huge and active, and they take full advantage of this valuable resource. I have personally commented about shoes on their Facebook page and received replies directly from Just Fab.Thinking like this is what really get's me excited about shopping at JustFab. I know the selection will be hot and varied, providing a style choice for every taste.

As of late, their styles and selections have really caught my eye. They seem to be "dialed in" on my tastes and when I recieve my montly boutique I feel like I am getting a psychic reading, that's just how accurate they are! As I mentioned in my ShoeDazzle review, I am finding that I buy from ShoeDazzle less and less, whereas I am buying from JustFab more and more!

Although I still buy shoes from ShoeDazzle (when I see a pair I like) JustFab is my shoe club of choice now.

Above is my boutique, this month I like 8 out of the 10 selections. It seems like as the months go by, JustFab tweaks my selections more precisely as they get to understand my fashion style. Every month there is a link that says "What do you want to see next month". I think this is what's making them so accurate. You don't have to use the link, but I think it's very helpful.

Extra Perks

What I love most about JustFab is they seem to be going the extra mile to make their customers happy. With their recently launched community where you can interact with their sytle experts, their active social media followings and 24/7 customer service, they really seem to want to connect with their customers and make you feel welcome.

Compared to ShoeDazzle, there are a lot more details about each item so you have a much better idea of what your buying before you actually get it in the mail which is key to shopping online.

JustFab also seems to run some pretty awesome promtions and offer special deals to exisitng members on a regular basis. It seems like every month there is something new offered. Currently they have a buy buy one pair, get one free sale. They are also offering a pair of flats, clutches or jewelry for $25 with any purchase, which is a killer deal!

Amazing Style

Their shoes, handbags and accessories are a cut above. I say that because no matter what the occasion, they have the appropriate Shoe / Bag / Jewelery combination. I have JustFab items for every kind of event, and they all fit my style. Whether it be a conservative work function or a night out at the most cutting edge club, I am prepared to stun. They are constantly putting out new, interesting collections in order to keep up with the latest trends. Over the past few weeks my favorites have been their colorblocking collection, safari styles and of course Iron Fist.

I own several short heels and flats that have generated many compliments at work. My friends who aren't heavy party people have joined here and been pleased to find items they like. I have come to understand that JustFab is just plain good at understanding a woman's fashion style, and they have a wide variety of styles to wow any personality type. Don't get me wrong, I love the club scene, and I like to get noticed in the trendy locations. For those occasions I have some outrageous heels from JustFab that aren't for the timid.

Pros and Cons

To remain balanced I have to write a Pros and Cons for JustFab, like I did with my ShoeDazzle review. While I am thrilled with the service overall for the most part I love everything about it, there are a few things that I wish they could improve on. So here it goes.

The Cons:

  • Just like ShoeDazzle, when you first sign-up you can't see the shoe selection immediately. This may be a small gripe, but I still would have liked to have seen the available shoes immediately upon sign-up, and I'm still impulsive like that. Thinking about it a little more, I suppose the wait is because your stylists still have to choose your selections for you. But I am impatient and want my shoes right away!
  • Unlike ShoeDazzle (who recently changed their membership terms) you have to remember to either buy something at the start of the month, or choose to "skip the month". If you don't do either, you will be charged a $39.95 fee and receive a credit. Not a huge deal, but something to make a note of if you sign up.
  • Here's a slightly different con for JustFab... The deliveries get left at your door. This can be a problem if your neighbors are not so honest. I have heard of people stealing packages left at the door. One solution is to have the merchandise shipped to your work address.

Now the Pros:

  • Similar to ShoeDazzle, paying only $40 for trendy, hot shoe styles is pretty rad. I have yet to have a bad experience with any orders and all of my shoes have been of excellent quality and comfort. And unlike ShoeDazzle, every item is actually priced at $39.95.
  • The quality of these shoes is very impressive... Especially considering you are only paying $39.95 a pair and get free shipping both ways. I'd compare these shoes to mid level retail shoes that you might find for around $100-$120. JustFab's quality control also seems to be a little better than ShoeDazzle.
  • Just like ShoeDazzle, the personalized shopping experience is what makes JustFab special. I feel they do an even better job of it than ShoeDazzle. I have yet to have a month where there hasn't been multiple shoes that I wanted to buy. The celebrity stylists have really done an amazing job of picking out shoes for me each month.
  • The customer service is fantastic. If you happen to order a shoe that doesn't fit, or you get it and you realize that you aren't in love with the style after seeing it in person; you can ship it back for a free exchange. Pretty awesome stuff, and their customer service representitives are always super friendly and helpful and their toll-free number is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

JustFab has all the same good qualities that ShoeDazzle has, and I believe, quite a few more. What makes JustFab stand out to me is that they go above and beyond your expectations. It might be because they are just a bit newer than ShoeDazzle, they could see the little mistakes ShoeDazzle made and were careful not to make them.